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ARE YOU PREPARED? - Experiences in the 21st century with natural disasters such as floods, tornados, ice storms, hurricanes, and fires have convinced us that every individual and family must be prepared for disasters to befall them. Moreover, disasters are not always natural – some are man-made. 

Everyone has heard of extreme hardships caused by the economic collapse of various countries, a recent one being in Argentina in 2001, wherein family survival became difficult and even problematic. 

With the world’s burgeoning population demanding increasing amounts of food and energy, shortages have begun appearing even in unlikely places. Alternate energy sources remain undeveloped, and to some extent even infeasible except in science fiction, for people who are living today, and the world’s resources are becoming scarcer. 

Those who rely on a government bureaucracy to supply them with their needs in disaster conditions of economic collapse may well be greatly disappointed. History has proven over and over again that societies survive best when they are vigorous, cohesive, and self-sufficient. Here at SurviveUSA we espouse “Localization” not “Globalization.” We recommend the building of self-sufficient communities, producing and consuming locally-made products.

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